01Stable Quality

BobaChik is committed to the sourcing of high quality materials to meet the quality management systems of Finland and Europe. BobaChik prides itself that the quality of products and services are always commensurate with the value they bring. You will feel worths every cent you pay for.


02High quality materials

We commit that BOBACHIK will always choose reputable suppliers who meet Finnish and European food safety standards. Therefore, the quality of our products is always consistent, ensuring the best taste and quintessence.



Professional staff & The most experienced founder
Our professional and devotional team is one of the reasons why BOBACHIK is so special. They have been trained since the first day of their career by our founder and mentor – Emma Hương Phạm – has much experience in the quality control and quality assurance.

Explore Our Menu

  • Bánh mì Grilled Pork

    € 9.5

    Heo nướng
  • Bánh Mì Fish Cake

    € 9.5

    Chả cá
  • Bánh mì Special Bobachik Mix (3 fillers)

    € 10.5

    Bánh mì Bobachik đặc biệt
  • Grilled Pork Vermicelli

    € 12

    Bún thịt nướng
  • BobaChik Mix Vermicelli (3 toppings)

    € 13

    Bún BobaChik đặc biệt
  • Char Xiu Pork Vermicelli

    € 12

    Bún thịt heo xá xíu
  • Bobachik all-in (Jumbo)

    € 9.5

    Any milk tea / Fruit tea in Menu
    Super Hot Trend; Highly Recommended
  • Bobachik Fruity Milk Tea (M)

    € 7.5

    Strawberry pudding, mango pudding, Tapioca pearl; Cold
  • Bobachik Happy Milk Tea (M)

    € 7.5

    White panna cotta, Coffee Jelly, Tapioca pearl; Cold
  • Matcha Bobachik with Tapioca Pearl (L)

    € 8.9

    Tapioca Pearl
  • Matcha Special Milk Tea (L)

    € 8.5

    Matcha panna cotta and Tapioca pearl; Cold / Warm

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Nice ambiance and great location around the centre. Delicious food & drink. Very friendly staff! I would like visit again.

Jenni Vainio

I think one of my favorite places to sell milk tea and food is in Helsinki. All ingredients are local, fresh and taste great.


Delicious Vietnamese bread, very fresh, reasonably priced. Milk tea is amazing (you can choose any topping you like)

Juha Varis

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